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Nov 03, 2016

The Washington Jewish Week endorsed Congressman Connolly for re-election this week! Here's what they had to say:

In Virginia’s 11th Congressional District, Democratic Rep. Gerry Connolly is running for a fifth term. In keeping with his constituency, Connolly is reliably liberal. He is pro-choice and was an early supporter of what became the Affordable Care Act. He supported the Iran nuclear deal and voted not to suspend sanctions on Iran. In June, he took part in the Democratic sit-in of the House of Representatives to push for action on gun legislation.

Apr 28, 2016

CSPAN2 BookTV Interview - Gerry Connolly was featured discussing the role of literature in his life and work with Peter Slen of CSPAN.

Apr 22, 2016


Opinion: What we are celebrating this Earth Day

By Reps. Gerry Connolly, Doris Matsui and Paul Tonko

With almost daily headlines sounding the alarm of a changing global climate, it might feel like there isn’t much to celebrate this Earth Day. Record warm temperatures, rising sea-levels threatening coastal communities, unprecedented wildfires, and cycles of flooding, drought and famine have led our armed forces to designate climate change as a “threat multiplier.”

Nov 29, 2016

I am deeply honored to have been re-elected to represent the 11th District of Virginia in Congress. On November 8th, the 11th District voted for Hillary Clinton by almost 40 points and helped her carry the state on election night. I am so proud of the work we did in the past year to keep Virginia blue.

Sep 14, 2016

Summer may be coming to an end, but the fun never stops in the 11th Congressional District. These past few days were full of office openings, fairs, festivals, picnics, and service events.

Jul 05, 2016

Potential thunderstorms and gray skies couldn’t keep Congressman Connolly and Democrats across the 11th District from celebrating our nation’s independence.

Hundreds of volunteers like you pitched in to ensure a Democratic victory in Northern Virginia; you helped Hillary Clinton keep the Commonwealth blue and you helped re-elect me to the House of Representatives.

While we may not have won the White House, I couldn't be more proud of the work we did here in 2016. From the bottom of my heart I thank you.

Volunteers are the life-blood of any campaign: you march in parades with me, you distribute yard signs, you write postcards, you make phone calls, stuff envelopes, energize rallies, and advocate for the values I represent. Your time, energy, and faith means more than I can possibly express, but I keep you in mind every day as I work to realize our shared vision for Northern Virginia.

To show my appreciation, I invite you to attend a thank you party on Saturday, December 10th, at the Sherwood Community Center. For information or questions, please contact Meaghan at

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