Protecting & Growing Northern Virginia’s Economy

Gerry Connolly’s top priority is creating good-paying jobs and a vibrant economy for Northern Virginia.  He has always been a strong supporter of our local technology industry and has helped attract Fortune 500 companies to our region.  By creating a pro-business environment, attracting federal investment, and developing our local technology industry, Northern Virginia has maintained one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation.

Ensuring a World-Class Education System

As a local government official, Gerry Connolly helped make Fairfax County schools among the best in the nation by making smart investments in our teachers and kids. In Congress, he secured new funding to lower class sizes and save 877 Fairfax and Prince William teachers from being laid off. He voted to secure bonds to upgrade and renovate schools in Northern Virginia.  

Standing Up for Women's Health

Gerry Connolly believes women’s health decisions should be private and made without interference from government.  That’s why he has opposed recent efforts by some politicians to turn back the clock on women’s rights by restricting the right to choose, allowing insurance companies to deny coverage for birth control, and shutting down organizations like Planned Parenthood that provide essential health services and screenings to women.

Protecting Social Security & Medicare

Gerry Connolly knows we need to protect and strengthen Social Security and Medicare for seniors.  He voted against the Ryan Budget because it would turn Medicare into a voucher program, leaving seniors on their own to negotiate with insurance companies and forcing them to pay $6,000 more in out-of-pocket costs each year.  Connolly supports Medicare reforms that reduce costs by cracking down on fraud and improving quality of care for our seniors.  

Improving Northern Virginia's Transportation Network

Gerry Connolly knows that reducing traffic congestion is important to our quality of life and vital if we want to continue to grow our economy. As a local government leader, he initiated Fairfax County's first dedicated transportation plan. That plan included widening Route 123, improving the Braddock Road/Route 123 interchange, launching the Richmond Highway Express (REX) bus line, and achieving final approval for Rail to Dulles.

Fighting for Federal Employees & Retirees

Gerry Connolly is a leader on issues impacting the federal workforce and federal retirees.  He is proud to represent more than 60,000 active federal employees and recognizes the valuable public service they provide for our nation.  That is why he believes they deserve fair pay, good benefits, and respect.

Protecting our Troops, Veterans, & Military Families

Gerry Connolly is proud to represent tens of thousands of active and retired military families. He believes there is no duty more sacred than providing for their well-being. To fulfill our obligation and honor our troops, veterans and their families, Connolly has fought to ensure they have full health coverage, better pay, and access to veteran's services throughout their lives.

Reforming the Health Insurance System

Gerry Connolly supported the Affordable Care Act because he believes the current system is too expensive and gives too much power to the insurance companies.  Northern Virginia families and small businesses are already seeing lower costs, better quality of care, and meaningful insurance reforms from this legislation. 

Energy, the Environment, & Public Health

Gerry Connolly has always been a leader when it comes to the environment.  As Chairman of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, he set aside 10% of the county as protected parkland and launched the nationwide Cool Counties initiative, encouraging other local governments to reduce their carbon footprint.  He also drafted Fairfax County’s first comprehensive environmental plan.  In Congress, he is a co-chair of the Sustainable Energy and Environment Caucus, where he helps lead the fight to protect the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and other vital environmental and public health protections.  

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