Reforming the Health Insurance System

Gerry Connolly supported the Affordable Care Act because he believes the current system is too expensive and gives too much power to the insurance companies.  Northern Virginia families and small businesses are already seeing lower costs, better quality of care, and meaningful insurance reforms from this legislation. 

Under this reform, it will soon be illegal for insurance companies to deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions or rescind coverage when people get sick.  The dependent eligibility age has gone up from 22 to 26, allowing thousands of Northern Virginia families to keep young adults on their parents' policy.  Co-payments and deductibles for preventive care have been eliminated under private plans and Medicare, saving families and seniors hundreds of dollars a year.  Additionally, the Medicare Prescription Drug donut hole will be closed over time, saving seniors thousands.  Seniors are already receiving a 50% discount on all brand name drugs.

Thousands of small businesses in our community are already receiving tax credits to make providing health coverage more affordable and helping them stay competitive.  Health insurance reform is good for families, seniors, and small businesses, and will reduce the federal deficit by $138 billion over ten years.

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