Protecting Social Security & Medicare

Gerry Connolly knows we need to protect and strengthen Social Security and Medicare for seniors.  He voted against the Ryan Budget because it would turn Medicare into a voucher program, leaving seniors on their own to negotiate with insurance companies and forcing them to pay $6,000 more in out-of-pocket costs each year.  Connolly supports Medicare reforms that reduce costs by cracking down on fraud and improving quality of care for our seniors.  

Connolly believes that Social Security is a promise that working people pay into that should be there when they need it.  That’s why he opposes plans to privatize Social Security.  Instead of trying to dismantle the system, Connolly will work with Republicans and Democrats to preserve Social Security for generations to come.

In Congress, Gerry Connolly is a member of the Seniors Task Force and regularly holds meetings with Northern Virginia seniors to hear their concerns and develop legislative strategies to address those concerns.

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