Protecting our Troops, Veterans, & Military Families

Gerry Connolly is proud to represent tens of thousands of active and retired military families. He believes there is no duty more sacred than providing for their well-being. To fulfill our obligation and honor our troops, veterans and their families, Connolly has fought to ensure they have full health coverage, better pay, and access to veteran's services throughout their lives.

He introduced and passed the Helping Active Duty Deployed (HADD) Act to protect deployed service members from cell phone and housing lease early termination charges.  He cosponsored legislation to limit increases on TRICARE premiums, provide free postal benefits for troops in combat zones, provide disability compensations for PTSD, allow military retirees to pay their health care premiums with pre-tax dollars, require mental health and traumatic brain injury screenings, and provide education and support services for family caregivers. Connolly supported legislation to provide tax credits for small businesses that hire veterans and legislation to expand skills training to reduce unemployment among veterans.

In addition, he cosponsored legislation to take the Veterans Administration, which operates the largest integrated health care system in the world, out of the annual appropriations process and provide more consistent, reliable funding. Our Military Kids, an organization dedicated to helping military children, awarded him the "Friend of Military Kids" award for his work on behalf of military families.  He has also consistently earned an “A+” rating from the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) for his work on behalf of the military and our nation’s veterans and military families.

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