Vote Early! Watch the video.

Did you know that, in 2008, then-President George W. Bush voted by mail for Senator John McCain.  You know why?  Because voting early by mail is easy.  So easy in fact, even George Bush can do it.  Last  week we released a video with instructions on voting early by mail.  If George Bush can do it, so can you! Watch the video to learn how.

P.S. We've included some highlights of Bush's best verbal gaffes.  Enjoy!


Follow these 6 easy steps to vote by mail:


Step 1: Print out your absentee ballot request form.

Click here to download and print an absentee ballot request form.


Step 2: Fill out Part A.

You can fill out Part A for any one of the following reasons:

If you will be away at school outside your home county or city on Election Day, November 2, Fill in “1A” along with the name and address of your school.

If you will be working outside of your home county or city, Fill in “1C” and the name of your employer or business.

If your workday and commute total 11 hours or more, Fill in “1E,” employer’s name and address, commute start time & stop time.


Step 3: Fill out Part B with the address you would like your ballot to be mailed to.


Step 4: Fill out Part D with your personal information. Do not forget to include your signature and print your full name.


Step 5: Mail in your ballot in to your local county registrar. You must include postage on the envelope. Request forms are due by October 26th, but do not wait. You can send it in right now.

If you live in Fairfax mail your ballot to:

Office of Elections

1200 Government Center Parkway, STE 323

Fairfax, VA 22035


If you live in Prince William mail your ballot to:

Prince William County Office of Elections

9250 Lee Ave, STE 1

Manassas, VA 20110


If you live in Faifax City mail your ballot to:

City of Fairfax Electoral Board

10455 Armstrong St.

Sisson House

Fairfax, VA 22030


Step 6: Ballots will be mailed to the addres you request in Part B starting on September 17th. Once you receive your ballot, fill it out, sign it, and mail it to your local registrar by November 2nd.

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