Thank You for Another Successful and Festive St. Patrick’s Day Fete!

On Friday we celebrated our 24th annual St. Patrick’s Day Fete at the Kena Temple. It was another wonderful Irish celebration with great music, food, and even better company. We had over 1,000 supporters attend this year, a night that was full of joy and Democratic pride.

The liveliness and energy at this year's Fete shows the energy on the Democratic side this year. I know with that type of energy and support we can win re-election again this November.

We would like to thank the Kena Shriners for their hospitality as they have generously allowed us to hold this celebration at their Temple for the past 15 years. Though the St. Patrick’s Day Fete will not be at the Kena Temple anymore, we are excited to continue this celebration at a new location. Thank you to all who came and contributed. We look forward to seeing you next St. Patrick’s Day!

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