September Kicks Off with Fests, Feasts, and Festivals

Summer may be coming to a close, but the 11th District of Virginia isn't quite ready to say goodbye to the cookouts and the sunshine. This weekend, a slew of picnics, festivals, and celebrations kept Congressman Connolly busy as he celebrated the onset of a new schoolyear with friends and constituents. 

Saturday found Gerry at the Supervisor John and Ernestine Jenkins Annual Crab Fest, where he met with supporters, spoke to the crowd, and sampled the Chesapeake's summer staple. 

Gerry Connolly at the Supervisor John and Ernestine Jenkins Crab Fest

Delegate Ken Plum hosted his annual Plum Family Picnic, which drew a large crowd of supporters. Gerry spoke to a fired up crowd at the event, alongside Senator Mark Herring and John Foust.

Gerry Connolly at the Ken Plum Family Picnic

To finish off the day, Gerry stopped by the Mason District Crab Feast, hosted annually by the Mason District Democrats. This 45 year tradition brings together local volunteers, Democrats, and elected officials. Gerry loved speaking with so many supporters. 

Gerry attended the Burke Centre Festival on Sunday afternoon. He spoke with constituents and attendees and visited the booths and rides organized by the Burke Centre Conservancy. An amazing crew of volunteers helped Team Connolly hand out hundreds of balloons and stickers, as well as voting information.

To finish off the weekend, Gerry spoke at the Providence Democratic Values "Get out the Vote" Kickoff Barbeque. The event marks the beginning of our Get Out the Vote effort in Providence and celebrates the year-round effort of local Democratic volunteers. 


Gerry loved seeing so many supporters and constituents out and about this weekend, enjoying everything Northern Virginia has to offer. The energy at all these events demonstrated just how passionately Northern Virginia is willing to fight to keep the Virginia Delegation blue. 

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