OFA Reston Office Opening

President Obama's reelection campaign opened its newest office in Reston on Saturday, August 4th. The organization now has 31 offices operating across the state. Each office is dedicated to grassroots organizing including voter registration, canvassing, and phone banking. Congressman Connolly attended the office opening to greet volunteers and talk about the next few months. 

The Congressman described Virginia as the epicenter of the election and said "we are poised for another victory. But that doesn't happen by wishing. It happens by making phone calls...and putting bumper stickers on your cars. It is going to be a hard-fought campaign."

We are less than 100 days from Election Day. Now is the time to show your support. The Connolly campaign is distributing bumper stickers and yard signs with the full ticket: OBAMA, KAINE, CONNOLLY. Please follow this link to request a sign or sticker: http://www.gerryconnolly.com/requestmaterials

Here are a few photos of Saturday's office opening:



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