Northern Virginia Democrats Excel in 2011 Election

Democrats in Northern Virginia have a lot to celebrate. Despite the pundit's predictions of huge Republican victories, we re-elected all three targeted senators: George Barker, Toddy Puller, and Dave Marsden. We overcame tough odds, and are proud that these Democrats will continue to serve in the State Senate.

In addition, Democrats were re-elected to the House of Delegates, and we held all of our seats on the Fairfax and Prince William Board of Supervisors and School Board. In fact, not a single incumbent Democrat at any level lost in the 11th District. These results send a powerful message that Northern Virginia wants a re-balancing of the Tea Party victories of 2009 and 2010. Voters strongly rejected ideological extremism and instead came out in support of forward-thinking, results-oriented, pragmatic leadership.

Republicans spent over $5 million trying to take the State Senate. Their negative campaigning couldn't overcome the hard work of thousands of volunteers across the region who made phone calls, knocked doors, and put up yard signs.

Virginia is still a purple state, and will again be very competitive in 2012. Voters will look to candidates with real plans and new ideas for fixing the economy and creating jobs. The campaign for 2012 starts today.

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