National Day of Action

It's no secret that our opponent Keith Fimian is a favorite of Dick Armey, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and the rest of the Tea Party.  Based on their rally this weekend, the playbook is clear.

Step 1- Repeat whatever lies are necessary to gain a political advantage (i.e. President Obama is "not American").

Step 2- Support the candidates willing to adopt the extreme Tea Party platform (i.e. Keith Fimian)

Step 3- Repeat step 1

This weekend we saw two different campaign strategies play out in the 11th district. Keith Fimian and his Tea Party supporters flocked to Washington D.C. to listen to Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin. Team Connolly took a different approach. We knocked on thousands of doors and made thousands of phone calls to friends and neighbors here in Northern Virginia to remind them how important it is to vote on November 2.

Our volunteers deserve special recognition. They braved the heat and took our message directly to their neighbors, instead of sitting in lawn chairs and listening to the Beck/Palin/Fimian talking points.  That's why we put together this special video with some highlights of the day.  Thanks to everyone who helped out!


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