Letter to the Editor: Fimian's abortion views are extreme


Keith Fimian has found another way to prove that his positions are too extreme for moderate Northern Virginia voters. His anti-choice beliefs, for example, reflect a radical agenda, even for pro-life moderates. The safety and health of women is an important issue, one that should not be viewed in such an extreme, black-and-white fashion. Mr. Fimian refuses to consider the gray areas of this issue, and he will undoubtedly attempt to instill such unreasonable beliefs onto others, should he be elected. 

Mr. Fimian freely admits that he would deny women the right to end a pregnancy regardless of circumstance. Indeed, he refused to offer an insurance plan that would cover procedures to terminate a pregnancy, even if a woman’s life was at stake. I understand the resistance toward abortion as a form of birth control. The decision to undergo this procedure should be taken seriously and deserves deliberation, but it should not be denied outright by bureaucrats or politicians at any level — state or federal. The choice to have an abortion in a safe environment, performed by a medical professional, should not be denied to women, especially ones whose lives are at risk. To claim otherwise and insist that a woman should be forced to die as the result of a pregnancy is extreme, unyielding and unreasonable. 

I believe that other moderate voters would agree with me when I say that I think that someone who takes a “pro-life” position would not be so quick to disregard or devalue any human life, including those of raped or at-risk pregnant women. According to Mr. Fimian, these women’s lives are worth less than other lives. These women, according to Mr. Fimian, do not have the same right to life. That position is far too extreme, far too black-and-white for a congressman, and he will not have my support this November.



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