Keith Fimian's Position Unchanged

On Monday we released a video contrasting Gerry Connolly’s responsible stance on offshore drilling with Keith Fimian and Sarah Palin's reckless "Drill Here, Drill Now" position. We called on Northern Virginians to become citizen co-sponsors of Gerry’s legislation to prevent the next oil spill. So far the response has been overwhelming.

The facts are clear. Gerry Connolly wants to make sure Big Oil cannot drill off the coast without undergoing meaningful environmental impact studies, and Keith Fimian thinks that corporations, like BP, can self-regulate under existing loopholes. If Fimian were in Congress he would vote with Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) to protect the interests of Big Oil and block Gerry Connolly’s legislation to end special exemptions for Big Oil and to ensure there are environmental safeguards in place to prevent the next oil spill.


Today the Washington Post highlights how Keith Fimian’s position on offshore drilling is unchanged.


  [...]"In the moderate Washington suburbs,Rep. Gerald E. Connolly (D) is attacking his opponent, Oakton businessman Keith Fimian (R), for his continued pro-drilling stance in the aftermath of the BP oil spill."[...]


[...]"The Connolly campaign posted an online video Monday that intersperses grainy footage of Fimian with Sarah Palin saying, "Drill, baby, drill!" and images of oil-soaked birds foundering on Gulf Coast beaches"[...]


[...]"In the 11th District, Fimian has been critical for months of what he calls the "Pelosi-Connolly Cap-and-Trade Plan," saying that it would "destroy jobs [and]

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