Keith Fimian: Hiding on the 17th Amendment

Since we launched our petition to Save the 17th Amendment, the response from Northern Virginians has been overwhelming.  Thousands of you have signed our petition, called our office, and watched the video.  And yet, days later, Keith Fimian still refuses to tell the people where he stands.  Instead, he's hiding behind his staff and refusing to answer the question.

Will the Tea Party candidate Keith Fimian stick to his original position that taking away our right to vote for U.S. Senators has "merit?"  Is he still "not sure" why it was changed in the first place?  Or will he flip-flop now that the primary is over?  Your guess is as good as ours.  Stay tuned...

Fight back against Keith Fimian’s radical agenda and keep the pressure on him to stand up for voting rights. Click here to sign the petition now!

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