Endorsement Wrap up

Gerry Connolly has run the table on major newspaper endorsements in this campaign. Gerry has received the endorsement of every Northern Virginia newspaper that has endorsed, including the The Washington Post, The The Fairfax Times, The Potomac News & Messenger, The Connection Newspapers, The Chronicle Newspapers, and The Falls Church News Press. Read what our local news papers had to say about the race.


Read why our local newspapers have endorsed Gerry Connolly for Congress:


"His command of local issues in Northern Virginia is impressive, as is his forward-looking advocacy for mass transit options to ease traffic."


"Mr. Connolly has established himself as a fiscal moderate, for instance by opposing higher taxes on the wealthy to finance health-care reform. He deserves reelection."


Former Congressman Tom Davis and Gerry Connolly are "savvy, detail-oriented centrists."



"...led the county with vision enthusiasm and direction... seizing the opportunity to make major progress in the environment, transportation"


"[Connolly's] detailed, hands-on experience from his years in local government combined with his intellect and grasp of the complex issues facing his district and the nation position him to accomplish much in Congress as well."



"...Connolly's history of getting things done.'


"He also championed a pro-business environment that was instrumental in attracting at least two Fortune 500 companies to Fairfax and friendly to small businesses."


"His 13 years in county government give him a decided advantage when it comes to identifying local needs and making sure they get to the right people and places."



What they had to say about Keith Fimian:

"Keith Fimian [is] among those Republicans and their radical Tea Party flank" - Falls Church News Press

"Keith S. Fimian, the politically extreme, scantily informed Republican" - The Washington Post

"Unlike [Former Congressman Tom] Davis and Mr. Connolly, who cut their teeth as nuts-and-bolts problem-solvers in the unglamorous arena of local government, Mr. Fimian is an ideologue with sparse experience of local issues who has embraced much of the Tea Party's dogma.Mr. Fimian is an ideologue with sparse experience of local issues who has embraced much of the Tea Party's dogma." - The Washington Post


"Mr. Fimian would join the querulous ranks of representatives in Congress who offer plenty of views on the nation's challenges but no workable solutions." - The Washington Post


"We're rarely impressed when 90 percent of [Fimian's] platform involves trashing [his] opponent." - The Fairfax Times


"If Keith Fimian were to be elected to Congress, Northern Virginia would be worse off." - The Fairfax Connection


"If Fimian understands the role of government or the complexities of either the local or national economy, he has not demonstrated that knowledge over the course of two campaigns." - The Fairfax Connection

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