Countdown to St. Patrick's Day: Less than 60 days

It’s that time of the year again -- time for our annual St. Patrick’s Day Fête! For 17 years my wife Smitty and I have been holding our St. Patrick’s Day Fête as a way for our family, friends, and supporters to gather and enjoy Irish food, drink and entertainment. Over the years it has grown from a small gathering of less than 100 people to last year’s event of more than 1,200. Each year continues to out-do the last and, whether you attended in previous years or have never attended, we would love for you to be a part of our celebration this year.

Come join us on Friday, March 16th from 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM at the Kena Temple on Arlington Blvd in Fairfax for the festivities and to help raise money for Gerry's reelection campaign. Tickets start at $40 and include a full Irish dinner of corned-beef, cabbage and other traditional Irish fare. We hope to see you and your family there. 

Gerry Connolly with VA State Representatives     Gerry Connolly with baby

Gerry Connolly with attendees

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