Congressman Connolly's Statement on the Kaine-Allen Debate

Congressman Gerry Connolly issued this statement following the Kaine-Allen U.S. Senate debate in Richmond this afternoon:

“Today’s Virginia U.S. Senate debate made it crystal clear that Tim Kaine is the candidate with a vision for Virginia’s future, while George Allen is mired in the past.

“Tim Kaine presented solid proposals to reinvigorate our nation’s economy and ensure global competitiveness.  He proudly touted his record of fiscal discipline, balanced budgets, bipartisanship, and economic growth as Governor.

“Sadly, George Allen tried to sidestep his record of failed economic policies that increased the federal deficit.  The last thing Washington needs is more of Allen’s style of hyper-partisanship and divisive, dehumanizing politics.

“There is no doubt that Tim Kaine was the victor in this debate."

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