A Bittersweet Moment

I am deeply honored to have been re-elected to represent the 11th District of Virginia in Congress. On November 8th, the 11th District voted for Hillary Clinton by almost 40 points and helped her carry the state on election night. I am so proud of the work we did in the past year to keep Virginia blue.

I’ll be honest: I never thought this nation would elect Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton's defeat is a tragedy, but I will continue to fight for the values we all hold so dear: freedom for all, a shared love for all of my fellow citizens, and an economy that works for all Americans.

Election night was a setback. We do not quit simply because we've lost the presidency. We will still fight for women's rights, we will still protect our seniors’ Social Security and Medicare, and we will still work toward combating climate change.

This is not over. In Virginia we have elections every year. The 2017 state elections are just around the corner. If you volunteered with the Clinton-Kaine campaign please take the time to stay involved and volunteer on the Governor's race or a state house campaign. The Fairfax Democrats have put together a great resource for how you can get involved:


Thank you for all you've done for me and our team. Let's continue to fight for what we believe in.

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