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National Day of Action

It's no secret that our opponent Keith Fimian is a favorite of Dick Armey, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and the rest of the Tea Party.  Based on their rally this weekend, the playbook is clear.

Step 1- Repeat whatever lies are necessary to gain a political advantage (i.e. President Obama is "not American").

Step 2- Support the candidates willing to adopt the extreme Tea Party platform (i.e. Keith Fimian)

Step 3- Repeat step 1

This weekend we saw two different campaign strategies play out in the 11th district. Keith Fimian and his Tea Party supporters flocked to Washington D.C. to listen to Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin. Team Connolly took a different approach. We knocked on thousands of doors and made thousands of phone calls to friends and neighbors here in Northern Virginia to remind them how important it is to vote on November 2.

Our volunteers deserve special recognition. They braved the heat and took our message directly to their neighbors, instead of sitting in lawn chairs and listening to the Beck/Palin/Fimian talking points.  That's why we put together this special video with some highlights of the day.  Thanks to everyone who helped out!


Vote Early! Watch the video.

Did you know that, in 2008, then-President George W. Bush voted by mail for Senator John McCain.  You know why?  Because voting early by mail is easy.  So easy in fact, even George Bush can do it.  Last  week we released a video with instructions on voting early by mail.  If George Bush can do it, so can you! Watch the video to learn how.

P.S. We've included some highlights of Bush's best verbal gaffes.  Enjoy!


Follow these 6 easy steps to vote by mail:


Step 1: Print out your absentee ballot request form.

Click here to download and print an absentee ballot request form.


Step 2: Fill out Part A.

You can fill out Part A for any one of the following reasons:

If you will be away at school outside your home county or city on Election Day, November 2, Fill in “1A” along with the name and address of your school.

If you will be working outside of your home county or city, Fill in “1C” and the name of your employer or business.

If your workday and commute total 11 hours or more, Fill in “1E,” employer’s name and address, commute start time & stop time.


Step 3: Fill out Part B with the address you would like your ballot to be mailed to.


Step 4: Fill out Part D with your personal information. Do not forget to include your signature and print your full name.


Step 5: Mail in your ballot in to your local county registrar. You must include postage on the envelope. Request forms are due by October 26th, but do not wait. You can send it in right now.

If you live in Fairfax mail your ballot to:

Office of Elections

1200 Government Center Parkway, STE 323

Fairfax, VA 22035


If you live in Prince William mail your ballot to:

Prince William County Office of Elections

9250 Lee Ave, STE 1

Manassas, VA 20110


If you live in Faifax City mail your ballot to:

City of Fairfax Electoral Board

10455 Armstrong St.

Sisson House

Fairfax, VA 22030


Step 6: Ballots will be mailed to the addres you request in Part B starting on September 17th. Once you receive your ballot, fill it out, sign it, and mail it to your local registrar by November 2nd.

100 Day Countdown

This weekend starts the 100 day countdown until the November 2nd election. Please help our campaign reach out to your community. It is critical that we make phone calls and knock on doors to spread the word about Gerry's record of independent leadership.

Weekend Neighborhood Canvasses
Sign up to go door to door with the Connolly campaign this Saturday, June 24th.
Email to sign up.

We will be launching from the following locations:

Fairfax County:

Campaign Office
11202 Lee Highway, Fairfax, VA 22030
Meeting time: 11am, 2pm and 5pm

Starbucks in Springfield at Huntsman Square Shopping Center
7475 Huntsman Blvd, Springfield, VA 22153
Meeting time: 11am, 2pm and 5pm

Prince William County:

Woodbridge Office
4326 Dale Blvd, Woodbridge, VA 22193
Meeting time: 4:30pm

Starbucks in Gainesville
7375 Atlas Walk Way, Gainesville, VA 20155
Meeting time: 10 am


Nightly Phone Bank

We have phone banks running every night of the week from 5pm-9pm.This is a great way to tell your neighbors about Gerry's campaign.

Email to sign up.

Fairfax Office
11202 Lee Highway
Fairfax, VA 22030

Prince William Office
4326 Dale Blvd
Woodbridge, VA 22193

Media Roundup: Gerry Connolly’s Bi-partisan Telework Bill Passes the House

Yesterday, Gerry Connolly’s bi-partisan telework legislation passed the House. The Telework Improvement Act (H.R. 1722) will mandate federal agencies to increase their telework capacity. This important legislation will reduce traffic congestion in the Washington metropolitan area, decrease our dependence on foreign oil, minimize air pollution, and strengthen the federal workforce by attracting the most talented employees. Telework is commonplace for many local businesses in Northern Virginia, Connolly’s bill will increase productivity and efficiency within the federal government.

After the record shattering snow fall this past winter, The Washington Post editorial board cited Gerry’s telework legislation as critical to prevent a future federal government shutdown during severe weather. Tens of millions of dollars were lost everyday the federal government closed it's doors. This telework bill will ensure that the federal government can continue to function and not waste taxpayer money. 



“In the absence of state funding to pay for desperately needed transportation improvements in Northern Virginia, this legislation is the best alternative to help the hard-pressed commuters of our region because it has the potential to dramatically reduce the number of cars on our roads,” Connolly said." - The Washington Examiner, 7/14/2010

 Click here to read the entire story


"Supporters, including sponsors John Sarbanes (D-Md.), Frank Wolf (R-Va.) and Gerald Connolly (D-Va.) say the Telework Improvements Act would save millions of dollars a year in lost productivity during weather-related shutdowns. With fewer cars on the road, air pollution and commuting costs would go down, they say." - The Washington Post, 7/14/2010

Click here to read the entire story


"The bill, which is designed to expand the use of teleworking in the federal government, mandates that federal workers eligible to telework be allowed to do so unless agency supervisors determine that the nature of an employee's job keeps them from telecommuting." - Federal News Radio 1500AM, 7/14/2010

Click here to read the entire story


Supporters see the legislation as a potential way to save millions of dollars a year on productivity during emergency shutdowns, such as weather. They cited last winter’s snowstorm that paralyzed D.C., explaining telecommuting could have dodged that loss of productivity. - ExecutiveGov, 7/15/2010

Click here to read the entire story




Thank You!

The Connolly campaign would like to thank all of our volunteers for their great work this past weekend. We marched in 6 parades across the 11th district and over 150 hard-working volunteers made the weekend a huge success. On behalf of Team Connolly, Thank You! Your continued hard work will put us over the top in November.


Watch the video recapping the weekend's festivities.


Volunteer this Saturday

It is time to celebrate America's independence this weekend. Please come and march with the Connolly campaign this Saturday at any one of three 11th District Independence Day Parades, on July 3rd



Dale City Parade

Meet up time: 9:30AM

Staging Location: Boys and Girls Club, 5070 Dale Boulevard, Woodbridge, VA


Fairfax City Parade

Meet up time: 9:30AM

Staging Location: At the intersection of Main St. and West St., by the Court House


Lorton Parade

Meet up time: 10:30AM

Staging Location: Lorton Fire House, 7701 Armstead Road, Lorton


If you are interested in volunteering this Saturday, please email Hannah at or call 703-375-9374.

Northern Virginians Sound Off on the 17th Amendment

If you were shocked by Keith Fimian’s support to repeal the 17th Amendment, you are not alone. Thousands have signed our petition and watched the video. Voters across the 11th district were outraged by Keith Fimian’s extreme position. He has been hiding behind his staff and refuses to change his radical position. Today the Fairfax Connection published two letters to the editor from 11th district voters who are outraged by Fimian’s support for the Tea Party agenda.



To the Editor:


When Republican candidate Keith Fimian debated Pat Herrity on WTOP's "The Politics Program," he stated that "there is merit" to the Tea Party's radical notion to repeal the 17th Amendment and rob the people of their vital choice to vote for U.S. senators. This statement was a blatant effort to win the support of the Tea Party and politicians in Virginia's state legislature, and Fimian's subsequent defeat of Herrity in the 11th District GOP primary makes the choice in November even clearer. Fimian apparently sympathizes with the Tea Party proposition that the people cannot be trusted to speak for themselves. His belief that "there is merit" to repealing the 17th Amendment suggests he would rather listen to fellow politicians and not members of the public.


In his Gettysburg Address, Lincoln never spoke of a government of the politicians, by the politicians and for the politicians. In November, I will responsibly carry out my right to vote for Fimian's opponent, U.S. Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-11), to ensure that this government remains of the people, by the people, and for the people. We need an independent voice in Congress, one who speaks for our interests, not just another puppet of the Tea Party.


Douglas Englund
Colonel, U.S. Army Retired


To the Editor:


Those who listened to Keith Fimian (R) on WTOP's "The Politics Hour" on June 4 may have noticed that Fimian voiced his support for the repeal of the 17th amendment — a radical proposition that is being espoused by members of the Tea Party. Many listeners, like myself, were shocked that anybody, let alone a serious candidate, would be willing to support such a regressive change. The 17th Amendment, which allows citizens to vote for their U.S. senators, was a major victory for the democratic process. This freedom was considered so basic and uncontroversial that it even predates women's suffrage. To repeal it would be a leap backward to a time when a handful of powerful men could decide the direction of the country without the approval of citizens.


On the air, Fimian admitted to not even knowing why the amendment was passed or when. This should be a red flag to voters. One cannot help but wonder whether his other policies are based on a similar lack of knowledge.


For a candidate who claims to cherish small government, Fimian certainly shows no qualms about giving more power to the legislature, and, worse, doing so by taking it directly out of the hands of voters. He does not trust the citizens of his state to choose their own representatives. Clearly, this is not an issue of party, but an issue of elitism. Fimian and the Tea Party movement wish to turn voters into spectators. Virginians do not wish to watch the political process from the sidelines. I know that this November I will be voting for a congressman who respects my constitutional rights, and especially my power to vote. I will be voting for U.S. Gerry Connolly (D-11).


John Charin

Keith Fimian's Position Unchanged

On Monday we released a video contrasting Gerry Connolly’s responsible stance on offshore drilling with Keith Fimian and Sarah Palin's reckless "Drill Here, Drill Now" position. We called on Northern Virginians to become citizen co-sponsors of Gerry’s legislation to prevent the next oil spill. So far the response has been overwhelming.

The facts are clear. Gerry Connolly wants to make sure Big Oil cannot drill off the coast without undergoing meaningful environmental impact studies, and Keith Fimian thinks that corporations, like BP, can self-regulate under existing loopholes. If Fimian were in Congress he would vote with Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) to protect the interests of Big Oil and block Gerry Connolly’s legislation to end special exemptions for Big Oil and to ensure there are environmental safeguards in place to prevent the next oil spill.


Today the Washington Post highlights how Keith Fimian’s position on offshore drilling is unchanged.


  [...]"In the moderate Washington suburbs,Rep. Gerald E. Connolly (D) is attacking his opponent, Oakton businessman Keith Fimian (R), for his continued pro-drilling stance in the aftermath of the BP oil spill."[...]


[...]"The Connolly campaign posted an online video Monday that intersperses grainy footage of Fimian with Sarah Palin saying, "Drill, baby, drill!" and images of oil-soaked birds foundering on Gulf Coast beaches"[...]


[...]"In the 11th District, Fimian has been critical for months of what he calls the "Pelosi-Connolly Cap-and-Trade Plan," saying that it would "destroy jobs [and]

The Difference is Clear

When it comes to the issue of offshore drilling, the difference between Gerry Connolly and Keith Fimian could not be more clear. In the wake of the Gulf coast disaster, Keith Fimian still supports lax regulations on oil companies to drill off of our coasts. Keith Fimian believes in the Sarah Palin doctrine of “Drill, Baby, Drill” and “Drill here, Drill now.” He thinks that Big Oil should be allowed to self-regulate. His reckless position on the issue of offshore drilling has not changed even after the catastrophe in the Gulf. 

On June 10th, Gerry Connolly introduced legislation that will require oil companies who drill offshore to go through a meaningful environmental impact study. The bill will close the loophole that allowed BP to build the Deepwater Horizon rig with no regard towards the potential environmental impact. The calamity in the Gulf could have been prevented if the proper precautions were in place. Keith Fimian opposes holding oil companies responsible, opposes this legislation, and if he were in Congress he would do everything he could to kill it. Click here to watch the video and learn more.

The time to act is now. Tell Big Oil – “Never Again.” Sign on as a citizen co-sponsor to help prevent future oil spills. So far the response from Northern Virginians has been overwhelming. Let's keep it going.

Click here to become a citizen co-sponsor!


Click here to check out our coverage today in the Washington Examiner.

Letter to the Editor: Thanks for your help, Republicans

I want to take this opportunity to thank the Virginia GOP for making this the easiest decision of my life. In the June 8 primary, GOP voters chose far-right wing extremist Keith Fimian as their candidate to take on U.S. Rep. Gerald Connolly, a moderate who has occasionally bucked his party's wishes and also represents the last chance for Prince William residents to get anything close to relief from our relentless traffic congestion. I believe that some day, Pat Herrity will make an excellent congressman, as he is also very much a moderate, and had he won the primary, I would have given him some serious consideration in this race. But if the Republican party is willing to bypass a candidate that could peel off the crucial independent vote, and instead pick the most extreme right candidate just to get their own voters out, then I enthusiastically support the re-election of Rep. Connolly. I thought Warner over Gilmore was an easy decision.



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