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Last night we had a tremendous victory and it would not have been possible without your friendship and support. Our campaign had more than 6,000 grassroots donors and hundreds of committed volunteers who gave their all for the Obama-Kaine-Connolly team here in the 11th district. To each and every one of you, I say thank you.

The 11th district results are still being verified, but it looks like we will win with more than 60% of the vote, the largest margin of my 18-year career in public office. I want to thank my Republican opponent and his family. Running for office is not easy, but our democracy could not function without people like Chris willing to put their personal lives on hold to step into the arena. 

Last night's results make it clear that voters want functional government and real solutions, not rabid partisan rhetoric. They want leaders who will come together to solve problems and get something done. That's what I have done here in Northern Virginia, and what I will continue to do in Congress.

But in reelecting President Obama and electing my friend Tim Kaine here in Virginia, voters also made a statement that they believe in our Constitutional framework of strong individual rights within the context of a community made up of "we the people" with a role for a functional government "in order to form a more perfect union." They have rejected an extreme philosophy of social darwinism that would dismantle our social contract and return our nation to a 19th century survival-of-the-fittest society. 

I am honored to be reelected and to have received the trust of our voters to represent them for another two years. On their behalf, I will continue to fight for the values we share while seeking common ground to move our country forward.


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Letter To The Editor: Colgan, Jenkins Praise Connolly's Work For Veterans

By: Sen. Charles Colgan and Supervisor John Jenkins | Inside NoVA 
Published: November 03, 2012

We write to endorse Congressman Gerry Connolly for re-election. We do so proudly as veterans of the Army and Army Air Corps/Air Force with a combined 70 years of experience in public service to our nation and to our community. 

We appreciate that Congressman Connolly has applied the ethos “all politics is local” to fighting for our nation’s veterans and active-duty military personnel. He understands that briefings at the Pentagon do not fully illustrate the plight of our service members. Instead, he also does his homework by joining veterans for breakfast at VFW Post 1503 in Dale City and other local venues, meeting personally with active-duty military families, and spending time with servicemembers here at home and on deployment in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Tenacious advocacy, responsive leadership, and getting things done were hallmarks of Gerry Connolly's 18-year tenure as our colleague in Northern Virginia government, and he has carried that approach to the House of Representatives.

We know from personal experience that Congressman Connolly can be counted on to act decisively on behalf of the men and women fighting for our country. During a meeting with Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans in Prince William, Gerry learned of the fees and penalties some service members were paying to cancel cell phone contracts, leases, and other obligations after they were called up for deployment. He took action and introduced the Helping Active Duty Deployed Act to end abusive practices that penalize service members deployed to fight for our nation and the families they leave behind. He worked diligently to win bipartisan support and passage of the bill.

When an active-duty military family hard hit by diminished home values shared their story with Gerry, they received more than a pat on the back and a sympathetic ear. Instead, they found an ally in their congressman, who learned that many servicemembers suffered substantial financial lost when they received change of station orders and were forced to sell their homes below market value, often for a loss. To help those military families, Gerry introduced legislation to expand the Department of Defense's Homeowner Assistance Program to provide a level of financial security and peace of mind to those serving our nation.

Gerry Connolly also sponsored a bipartisan amendment to protect service members, disabled veterans and surviving spouses from foreclosure, and worked with Senator Jim Webb and a bipartisan coalition of House members to fund the Post-9/11 GI Bill to provide 745,000 veterans and their dependents with tuition assistance.

Some of Gerry Connolly's work for veterans has been up-close and personal. When he learned about a Vietnam veteran from Woodbridge, a helicopter pilot who had never received his medals for two heroic rescues of colleagues in Vietnam and Laos, he took action. And 39 years after that pilot risked his life and ignored his own wounds to rescue his fellow servicemembers, Gerry Connolly presented him with the Silver Star and the Distinguished Flying Cross.

When one of our servicemembers is killed in action, Gerry Connolly is on the phone with the family, expressing the gratitude of our nation and offering assistance in their time of tragedy and need.

The Military Officers Association of America has given Gerry Connolly a 100 percent  rating for his support of a strong national defense and the welfare of active-duty military and veterans. Gerry also received the national "Friends of Military Kids" award for his efforts to provide tangible support for the children of deployed personnel and severely injured servicemembers.

Veterans and active-duty military personnel need someone in Congress who understands that for most who served, veterans issues are very personal issues that affect their quality of life and that of their families.Gerry Connolly understands that these are neighborhood issues just as much as they are national issues.

Our men and women who serve and have served can count on Gerry Connolly to have their best interests at heart and be there when they need help. Please join us and other veterans in voting for Gerry Connolly on November 6.

Virginia Senator Charles J. Colgan                          
Prince William County Supervisor John D. Jenkins

Letter To The Editor: Kudos To Connolly

To the Editor:

Kudos to Congressman Gerry Connolly for his strong remarks about women at the rally with President Obama last week at George Mason University. Congressman Connolly personalized his strong support for women's rights when he talked about his own daughter and how he was able to cast a vote for the Lily Ledbetter Act to ensure that she and other daughters will have the right to equal pay.

Gerry Connolly's comments were in stark contrast to the Republican War on Women and their repeated attacks on women's health services, Planned Parenthood, contraception, and equal pay and equal rights. Republican candidates are now backing away from their past votes and statements, but let us not forget that actions speak louder than words.

Gerry Connolly's record is clear on women. He talks the talk and walks the walk. His voting record in Congress is a record of respect for women and a clear understanding that we must continue to fight for the future of our daughters and our sons.

I encourage Connection readers to join me in voting to reelect Congressman Gerry Connolly. He has stood with us and we should stand with him.

Patricia Leslie

McLean, VA

Congressman Connolly Joined Vienna Residents to Celebrate 66th Annual Halloween Parade

Congressman Connolly marched in the 66th Annual Vienna Halloween Parade along with hundreds of volunteers and the James Madison High School Young Democrats. Congressman Connolly has been a part of this local tradition for the past 17 years. Based on the response from the crowd, Democrats will fair well in Vienna on November 6th. 

Congressman Connolly Fires Up Crowd Before Rally at GMU

Congressman Connolly fired up the crowd before President Obama's rally at George Mason University on October 19th. Congressman Connolly spoke about women’s rights, telling the crowd of thousands: "When people ask me why I support President Obama, I tell them...because I have a daughter.”

The President coined the term “Romnesia” at the rally, acknowledging Romney’s positions as “changing up so much and backtracking and sidestepping -- we’ve got to name this condition that he’s going through.  I think it’s called “Romnesia.” President Obama discussed women's rights, healthcare, and the economy.  He explained why he is running for a second term:

“I want to finish the job.  And if you’re willing to stand with me, and make some phone calls with me, and knock on some doors with me, get your friends to vote for me -- we will win Fairfax County again. We will win Virginia again. We’ll finish what we started. And we’ll remind the world why the United States of America is the greatest nation on Earth.”

See below for some pictures of the rally with President Obama and Congressman Connolly.

Congressman Connolly Tours Dulles Rail Construction Project

Congressman Connolly recently toured the construction site of a Tysons Corner Metro station that is part of the new Dulles Rail project. The Congressman was joined by U.S. Senator Mark Warner and former governor Tim Kaine. Phase I of the project—which will partially extend the Rail line towards Dulles—is currently projected to be on time and on budget with an anticipated completion date of summer 2013. Phase II of the project was approved this summer.

Gerry Connolly has been a staunch advocate for needed public transportation projects and one of the driving forces behind Dulles Rail for nearly two decades. This update marks progress in bringing state-of-the art transportation to Northern Virginia and economic development to the region. It also highlights what can be accomplished when Democratic and Republican leaders work together: the project got off the ground with support from a coalition of bipartisan leaders in Virginia—including Congressman Connolly.

Below are some pictures of the construction tour with Tim Kaine, Senator Mark Warner and Congressman Connolly:

Fall for Fairfax KidsFest and upcoming Vienna Oktoberfest

This past weekend, Congressman Connolly attended the 20th annual Fall For Fairfax KidsFest at the Fairfax County Government Center. Thousands of local Virginian families were in attendance and the fall weather couldn’t have been better. Congressman Connolly met with Festival attendees and spoke with them about the important issues facing our community.

Next week, please join Congressman Connolly at this year’s Vienna Oktoberfest on Saturday, October 6th on Historic Church Street. For more information please visit the festival's website at or contact if you would like to volunteer at our booth.

Below is a photo from this past weekend’s KidsFest Festival:


Busy Weekend in Virginia's 11th District

With less than two months until the election, the Connolly campaign was out in full force this past weekend. On Saturday, September 8th, the Congressman helped open the newest Virginia coordinated office in Fairfax Station and rallied a big crowd eager for victory in November. The Fairfax Station office is dedicated to canvassing, voter registration, phone banking, and is conveniently located at:

5618 Ox Road, Suite C
Fairfax Station, VA 22039

For more information or to volunteer at this location, please contact your local field organizer, Foxhall Parker, at 703-405-9697, or

Also this past weekend, Congressman Connolly attended the Burke Centre Festival—an event the Congressman looks forward to and has attended for several years. At the Festival, our campaign spoke with voters and everyone enjoyed the beauty of Burke. On Saturday, the Congressman attended Supervisor John Jenkins’ Annual Crab Fest at VFW Post 1503 in Dale City. In addition, this weekend featured the 44th Annual Mason District Crab Feast in Falls Church on Saturday night, where the Congressman addressed the crowd along with remarks by Mason District Supervisor Penny Gross, Mason School Board member Sandy Evans, and Mason District Chair Rachel Rifkind. Below are some photos from this weekend’s activities:

Fairfax Station Office Opening

Burke Centre Festival

44th Annual Mason District Crab Feast in Falls Church

John Jenkins' Annual Crab Fest at VFW Post 1503 in Dale City

In the homestretch of this election, we need your support now more than ever. If you missed these events this past weekend, there are a number of upcoming opportunities to get involved and show your support for Congressman Connolly. On behalf of the City of Fairfax Democratic Committee, we invite you to join us on Monday, September 24th from 7-9 PM, for some excellent Italian Cuisine at one of Fairfax’s newest restaurants, Casa Italia. 

For more information or to RSVP click here, or contact Donald Brownlee at or (703) 375-9374. Please RSVP by September 17th.

We hope to see you there and please check back frequently for updates on upcoming campaign events.

OFA Reston Office Opening

President Obama's reelection campaign opened its newest office in Reston on Saturday, August 4th. The organization now has 31 offices operating across the state. Each office is dedicated to grassroots organizing including voter registration, canvassing, and phone banking. Congressman Connolly attended the office opening to greet volunteers and talk about the next few months. 

The Congressman described Virginia as the epicenter of the election and said "we are poised for another victory. But that doesn't happen by wishing. It happens by making phone calls...and putting bumper stickers on your cars. It is going to be a hard-fought campaign."

We are less than 100 days from Election Day. Now is the time to show your support. The Connolly campaign is distributing bumper stickers and yard signs with the full ticket: OBAMA, KAINE, CONNOLLY. Please follow this link to request a sign or sticker:

Here are a few photos of Saturday's office opening:



Congressman Gerry Connolly Welcomes President Obama to Fairfax County

On Saturday, July 14th Congressman Gerry Connolly and 2,000 supporters welcomed President Barack Obama to Centreville High School. Gerry spoke prior to the President taking the stage and he told the crowd "...Together we're going to make history again by re-electing Barack Obama!..." The President's message was focused on the economy and the need to renew the middle class. He then turned the crowds' attention to the upcoming election and the important role Virginia will play. He called on supporters to volunteer now and lay the framework for success in November. Judging from the enthusiasm of the crowd, Virginia Democrats are ready to deliver Virginia for the President again in 2012. Below are a few pictures taken at the President's visit: 

Gerry at Obama Rally

President Obama

Obama Rally Centreville

Obama Rally Centreville

Obama Rally Centreville

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