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Apr 28, 2016

CSPAN2 BookTV Interview - Gerry Connolly was featured discussing the role of literature in his life and work with Peter Slen of CSPAN.

Apr 22, 2016


Opinion: What we are celebrating this Earth Day

By Reps. Gerry Connolly, Doris Matsui and Paul Tonko

With almost daily headlines sounding the alarm of a changing global climate, it might feel like there isn’t much to celebrate this Earth Day. Record warm temperatures, rising sea-levels threatening coastal communities, unprecedented wildfires, and cycles of flooding, drought and famine have led our armed forces to designate climate change as a “threat multiplier.”

Apr 01, 2016

FAIRFAX COUNTY, VA: Rep. Gerry Connolly officially announced his re-election campaign for Congress in Virginia's 11th Congressional District on March 17 at an annual St. Patrick's Day event.

Jul 05, 2016

Potential thunderstorms and gray skies couldn’t keep Congressman Connolly and Democrats across the 11th District from celebrating our nation’s independence.

Apr 06, 2016

The Sierra Club’s National Political Team and Virginia Chapter have once again endorsed Congressman Gerry Connolly’s re-election campaign. Congressman Connolly is proud of his 22-year record of protecting the environment -- first in Fairfax County and now in the Congress.

Mar 19, 2016

This year marked our 22nd Annual St. Patrick’s Day Fete -- and it was our biggest and best yet. Over 1,000 of Congressman Connolly’s supporters enjoyed corned beef, cabbage, and plenty of live Irish music to go with. Congressman Connolly announced his run for re-election this year, declaring the need to continue building upon the progress that has been made in recent years.

Since my first run for Providence District Supervisor in 1995, I have hosted an annual St. Patrick's Day Fete. The event has grown from a small gathering of friends at my home to one of the highlights of the Democratic political season.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

7:00 PM - 9:30 PM

Tickets start at $40 each and can be purchased here. Tickets will be emailed to the email address you provide. For questions or to RSVP and pay at the door email or call our office (703)375-9374.

Tickets start at $40 each. Tickets will be emailed to the email address you provide. For questions or to RSVP and pay at the door email or call our office (703)375-9374.

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